About Roland

Committed to helping you achieve new heights

I'm constantly on the lookout for innovative approaches to make the world a better, more efficient place.

Creating great ideas and building them into sustainable and successful businesses is what I do. I am an experienced Grand Master Trainer and Nutritionist, TV Host, Healthcare Practitioner, Lifestyle Management & Change Expert, Business Consultant, Doctor of SCENAR, Speaker, Author, Producer, Influencer and Life Coach.

Through over 30 years of training, obtaining the highest qualifications, and innovation, I have developed a 'Grand Master' approach to training others - combining and adapting my own extensive experience in order to create a holistic and encompassing solution to your needs. You can learn more about my experience and what I can offer you on the services page.

Want to know more about me or have an idea I might be interested in? Don't hesitate to get in touch! I'm always open to facing challenges and learning new skills. 

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Roland is the former Professional Training, Fitness and Nutritional Consultant for Extreme Fitness in Ekaterinburg, Russia;

Roland served as Master of Ceremonies for the University of Toronto 2013 Hall of Fame Awards Gala

Roland was inducted into the U of T Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016;

Roland is the Training, Nutrition, Healthcare Trainer/Coach & Nutritional Consultant for the WDC (World Dance Crew) Toronto

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