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Dispelling 5 Common Myths and Misconceptions about Fitness Trainers
May 6, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Roland Siempre
Photoshoot in Miami for fitness model Roussa Elsey. by Danny Kekspro.

Personal trainers, nutritionists, and other health experts can help those struggling with their weight or desiring to be healthier and more fit. Their clients, however, often come to them with unreasonable expectations. Because of this, there are a lot of myths in the fitness industry.

Here are five common myths that fitness professionals often have to dispel.

Trainers and Nutritionists Know Everything

You could go ahead and ask your fitness professional about that new fad diet or exercise approach that popped up on social media. Even though most professionals do regular research into the newest techniques and also fraudulent practices, do not be disappointed if he or she has not heard about the latest trend. A long schedule of appointments plus family or personal time does not leave a lot of extra hours to learn all there is to know.

That being said, your fitness expert can do research from an educated point of view to see if the new technique would work for you.

Trainers Always Have Had Perfectly Toned Bodies

Popular culture plays a big role in crafting an expectation that every trainer boasts a perfectly sculpted Michelangelo’s David or Alexandros’ Venus de Milo type body.  Many do, but don't assume that your trainer has slacked on fitness if they have a more normal looking physique. Some body types, even among professional athletes, will never have a visible set of “six pack abs” no matter how hard they work or how nutritiously they eat. The same goes for clients of fitness professionals as well.

Trainers and Nutritionists Never Deviate From Diet and Exercise Regimens

Many fitness professionals may live lifestyles that never take time off from exercising and eating right, but experts agree that this course could be counterproductive. Studies indicate that those who allow themselves to eat unhealthy for one meal or even a whole day occasionally tend to have more success in reaching their goals.  

If your fitness professional has done the research and listens to the advice of experts, then he or she probably indulges in a sundae or pizza every once in a while. Ask your trainer or nutritionist how best to incorporate food “vacations” into your own regimen.

A Fitness Professional’s Main Job Is to Promote Weight Loss

While weight loss serves as a goal, each trainer and nutritionist has deeper goals for you as a client. Their main goal lies in creating a healthier you rather than only helping you to lose weight. Some clients may suffer from body dysmorphia, leading them to see themselves as overweight when they are perfectly fine. Others may seek an unhealthy path to quick weight loss where a more gradual approach would better ensure success.

Every fitness professional works hard to make their clients as healthy as possible and sometimes weight loss must be less of a priority than other goals.

Your Trainer’s Services Alone Guarantee Goal Attainment

When you hire a personal trainer or a nutritionist, you should think of them as being part of your team, each of you playing a key role in developing a healthier you. Your sessions with them, however, cannot accomplish your goals alone. In fact, the hard work comes when they are not around. A personal trainer can show the right exercises to build muscle and tone, but cannot keep you from eating the wrong foods when you go home. They will work hard for you and help as much as possible, but success or failure ultimately lies with you doing as much for the team effort as they do.