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How Regular Exercise Improves Your Mind, Body, and Life
April 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Roland Semprie

Any change takes commitment. Whether I’m helping someone cultivate a talent, start a business, or improve a lifestyle, I believe personal development is the key to ongoing success. As a motivator, I provide advice, direction, and recommendations in a number of areas that concern the mind, body, and overall health.

Exercise is a great passion of mine because of the many benefits it provides to physical health, but also because of the ways it improves mental and emotional well-being. I recently read an article in Medical News Today titled “Regular exercise can keep the body decades younger” in which Maria Cohut reported how making exercise a part of your daily routine can keep your heart and muscles in much younger shape than your chronological years. Muscle fitness, along with heart and lung capacity, was measured, and it was determined that those who regularly exercise year after year will maintain better overall health than their more sedentary counterparts.

Their findings have been published in the Journal of Applied Physiology and are proof that exercise is a major takeaway message of living a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of this message, however, are much more far-reaching than simply maintaining a healthy body over a long period of time and can be a great motivator for adopting a new lifestyle.

When your body is in good health, you are more alert and able to perform a greater number of tasks. This means you will have the energy to start a business, make a major career change, or even travel to places you’ve never seen before.

A healthy body also encourages a healthy mind as well as a healthy emotional state. Exercise wakes up your muscles and raises your energy levels, which improves your decision-making abilities. As you build physical stamina, the mental equivalent will follow.

Exercise can also greatly contribute to a longer life, which means more time to do the things you love. Remaining in good health will allow you the time to come up with more innovative ideas and implement them in ground-breaking ways.

The type of exercise you do is up to you. Whether you choose to train for a specific type of event or take part in leisure activities designed to keep you physically fit, the results are significant and the consequences far-reaching. The key is to adopt exercise as a regular part of your healthy lifestyle in order to continuously reap the substantial benefits of the activities you choose.

You don’t even need to exercise for extended periods of time each day. As pointed out in Cohut’s article, “30–45 minutes of any type of exercise a day is beneficial.”

Also, be sure to couple your exercise with a healthy eating plan, which is an extremely important part of reaching fitness goals. It also correlates directly with the benefits of exercise you will receive.

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