•  TV Host & Personality / Multimedia Featured Expert 

    Roland was the Co-Host of Slice TV's Re-Vamped and has made several appearances as a fitness and nutrition expert on Global TV, Prime, and CHCH TV's Body and Health, as well as City TV, HGTV's Designer Guys and Arresting Design, Goldhawk Live, Three Takes, the Gill Deacon Show, and the Art of Building Bodies. He has also made many appearances on Flow 93.5, Toronto1, KJOH, Perfect Fit, and Party Mamas, in addition to being published in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, National Post, the Town Crier, Cambo (Russian Sports and Fitness Magazine), Toronto Life, Fashion Magazine, SWAY, and Flare Magazine. 

  • Healthcare Practitioner

    An expert and innovator in practices such as integrative healthcare, Roland achieves superior results by partnering with his clients in order to truly understand their ailments and treat them in the way that is best for the individual. He is a Medical Exercise Specialist (MES), a Certified Earth Shiatsu Therapist (EST) with two advanced post-graduate certifications, an Infra-Red Non-Thermal Laser Practitioner, a Certified Acupuncturist, a Jade Stone Massage Therapist, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in Canada and the U.S., and the only Fitness and Healthcare Professional in the world who is licensed and authorized by Professor Alexander Revenko in the use of the revolutionary SCENAR healthcare diagnosis and treatment system.

    His Longevity Clinic Toronto is the amalgamation of the best practices, techniques, philosophies, and uses of the non-surgical medical device FIBER (Frequency Integrated Bio-Electric Residence), which uses frequency to elicit change in the body in order to greatly facilitate improved health through detoxification and elimination of inflammation from a variety of conditions, diseases, pathogens and viruses. 

  • Lifestyle Management & Change Expert / Life Coach

    Roland is a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neural Linguistic Programming (MNLP), a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Time Empowerment Techniques® (MTET), and a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy (MHT). He deftly uses these innovative techniques along with his intuitive, easy-to-follow lifestyle management techniques and programs to achieve undeniable results for his clients, which have included condominium giant Camrost Felcorp and one of the world's most well-known breweries, Labatt's. 

  • Business Consultant

    As the Co-Founder/Co-Owner and former Vice President of Totum Life Science, Roland's responsibilities included New Business Development, Supplement Research and Development, Retail Development, Equipment Layout and Design, Trainer Development, Client Development, Media Awareness, Promotions, and personally training his own clientele. Though his in-demand status and growing client list across his range of services have necessitated delegating his role at Totum Life Science, his love of growing businesses has seen him make himself available as a consultant. 

  • Doctor of SCENAR

    Roland is the only Fitness and Healthcare Professional in the world licensed in the use of SCENAR - Self-Control Energy Neuro Adapting Regulator - to treat, diagnose and train others. As a Doctor of SCENAR, he is highly trained in the use of this technology, which uses computer-modulated, electrical impulses to stimulate your brain, pick up your brain's response, and then interpret this response in order to send a modified impulse. This process stimulates the nervous system to generate neuropeptides (the key biochemicals the body uses to heal itself). 

  • Speaker

    Roland is a highly requested, charismatic, powerful and grounded professional speaker. Due to his extensive education, experience, and expertise in various areas, he is able to offer insightful results and practical solutions that can be readily employed for your needs as a group or organization. He is also available to speak in an academic setting. Roland served as a session lecturer in the Department of Physical Health and Education at The University of Toronto. 

  • Author

    Roland is a former contributing writer for Check-UP, the Magazine for Optimal Health. He's also a former contributing writer for and was a fitness and nutrition contributing writer for Inside Fitness Canada Magazine. 

  • Producer/ Talent

    With his background in high level fitness, sports, dance, and martial arts, Roland can fill a number of roles in the talent sphere. He has been heavily photographed, is comfortable in front of a camera, and shines in a live setting as well. He excels at training talent, having worked with numerous amateur, Olympic, and professional athletes, bodybuilders, beauty pageant competitors, as well as music, TV, and film stars. Extremely connected in many circles, he also is an experienced and effective producer. 

  • Influencer

    Roland is an experienced influencer. He was one of three original New Balance Canada National Ambassadors, a former Spokesperson for Labatt's Brewery, and an Ambassador Alumni for Lululemon Athletica. Combining his high public profile with his understanding of social media and other digital avenues, he is able to greatly increase the awareness and reach of brands ; a former Training, Healthcare and Equipment Design and Layout Consultant for Tricon Capital and Development Group; a former Life Style Change Consultant for one of Toronto's largest condominium developers, Camrost Felcorp, a former Spokesperson and Professional Lifestyle Change Consultant for Labatt's.

  • Salsa Dancer

    Roland is also a Professional Salsa Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer, Competitor and Performer, having performed and taught throughout North America, and Russia, and is also currently teaching and creating choreography for students, weddings, functions and corporate events. You can either take lessons with Roland privately or you can enjoy group classes with him at Soul2Sole Latin Dance Company where he manages the Toronto North location. Check him out at